Nebez Briefkani

Canadian-Iraqi software engineer & startup enthusiast based in Montréal, Canada

I’ve been developing software for nearly 15 years. Previously SSENSE, Shopify, co-founder of nukern, LXRandCo, and now-defunct Infantry Online.

Currently Software Engineering Manager at Lightspeed where I’m building their retail, ecommerce, and payments technology to help power local businesses around the world.

After two failed ventures and one successful IPO of an omnichannel retailer, I’ve developed a deep expertise in the ecommerce, luxury retail, and payments industries. I help start-ups in similar industries with product development, technical direction, and growth through consulting agency latitude85. Reach out on LinkedIn if you want to chat.

I spend my free time designing useless tools that never see the light of day, volunteering at local after-school programs that teach coding, and criticizing software bloat and the incredibly unnecessary overengineering that plagues most companies today.